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What If? / Why Not?

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We've combined the pop and jazz sides of Kristin Korb into one beautiful double CD.

Released May 21, 2021


Known for her hard swinging bass lines and sparkling vocals, Kristin Korb departs from her traditional song well and dives deep into the exploration of pop tunes that burst with Korb’s trademark exuberance and inspired arrangements.

What if...I made a pop album?
  1. Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious
  2. Copacabana (ft. Karl-Martin Almqvist)
  3. Overjoyed
  4. The Power of Love (ft. Mathias Heise)
  5. This is My Life (ft. Steen Nikolaj Hansen)
  6. Don't Let Me Be Lonely Tonight (ft. Karl-Martin Almqvist)
  7. Can't Buy Me Love (ft. Mathias Heise)

Kristin Korb - bass & vocals
Magnus Hjorth - piano
Snorre Kirk - drums
Karl-Martin Almqvist – saxophone, Tracks 2, 6
Mathias Heise – harmonica, Tracks 4, 7 (Courtesy of Giant Sheep Music)
Steen Nikolaj Hansen – trombone, Track 5
Aaron Serfaty – percussion, Tracks 2, 7
Tira Skamby – percussion, Tracks 1, 3, 5, 6

The flip side of “What If?” is “Why Not?”. It features Korb’s love of foot-tapping standards and lesser known gems with the intimate feel of an “unplugged” album. This is your personal invitation to join the party.

In comparison to “What If?”, Korb’s arrangements are more straight ahead and less elaborate. They tend to lean on the tradition of feel-good swing. “It has been difficult for me to articulate my thoughts about ‘Why Not?’. One part of me feels like I didn’t do enough for this side. I didn’t make any crazy arrangements and the process in recording these tracks felt ‘easier’ in some way, almost like a sigh of relief in being able to re-connect with my bandmates again. Together, we celebrate a lifetime of great music making, being present in the moment, and being there for each other. Isn’t that enough?”
  1. Come Rain or Come Shine
  2. I've Told Every Little Star
  3. I Surrender Dear
  4. Warm Valley
  5. Zanzibar
  6. Summer Wind
  7. Sommervind (Bonus Track)

Kristin Korb: All Vocals, Bass
Magnus Hjorth: Piano
Snorre Kirk: Drums
Tira Skamby: Percussion (Zanzibar)

Produced by: Kristin Korb
Executive Producer: Morten Støve
Mix/Mastering: Morten Støve, Korbination
Cover Art: Sofie Barfoed
Graphic Design: Susanne Benz

Copyright 2021
DoubleK Music

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