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Animal Instinct Climbing Training - Full Program & Workouts

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This climbing workout manual includes a selection of useful information for you to assemble and execute your climbing sessions. The systems employed are based in biology research about animal responsiveness to training. The basic formatting of this booklet includes:

  • Step by step methods
  • Full program
  • 4 Schedules
  • Workout Sheet & Exercises
  • Essential Training Charts
  • 36 Session Workout
  • Session Card and Worksheet
  • Session Trackers
  • Goals setting
  • Training Tips
  • Diet Planner
  • Mindsets
  • Tool Reviews
  • Custom Training Resource

Animal Instinct workout manual includes a collection of methods for: climbing training, learning to train for climbing, movement based training, system wall training, climbing performance, climbing drills and exercises, core and contact, body Tension for climbing, climbing workout routines and climbing drills.

You will get a PDF (5MB) file
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