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6 Times Table Ladybird Game

Here’s how to support your child to remember the six times tables with understanding and fun and without fear.
Play the 6 times tables ladybird game, and by encouraging your child to handle counters and talk about the numbers you will be really helping them to develop powerful visual images and discover patterns. This will then make it much easier for your child to remember the 6 times table facts.

Print or make 'ladybird 6 times tables game cards' and ‘6 to 60 spinner’. You will also need lots of counters: 1p coins, buttons, small pebbles…
Collect counters to place on the ladybird spots
☺Take turns.
☺Spin a number and collect that number of counters.
☺For each set of six counters collect a ladybird card and cover the spots with your counters.
☺Race to collect ten ladybird cards.
Pass it on On your turn talk about six times tables facts. For example say, “thirty, that’s five times six, I will need five ladybird cards”. Say for example “Now you have four ladybirds, how many counters do you have? Look at two ladybird picture cards, point and say, “two lots of six is double two lots of three.”

Play another day using ‘7 to 12 spinner’
☺save any extra counters to use on your next turn.

Pass it on Ask for example, “you have three extra counters already, how many more ladybird cards will you get if you spin a seven”

Play another day. Make some game cards showing something meaningful to your child, e.g. egg boxes with six eggs.
Pass it on Ask “what is the least number of throws I’ll need to win?”

Play another day
Collect 10 cards (ladybird or your version) and place a small treat e.g. raisin, cereal hoop.. on each spot/circle. You will also need the 6 to60 spinner.
Spin a number which matches the number of treats to collect one ladybird card and eat six treats.
☺Take turns to spin.
☺If your score matches the number of treats left, collect one ladybird card and eat six treats!
☺Repeat until there are no treats left.
Pass it on On your turn talk about the number you are hoping to spin. For example say “ I hope I spin thirty, five lots of six is thirty.”

Note: your child can make lots of mistakes in the context of these games. This is a normal part of learning - don’t worry, reassure and be reassured - mistakes help you to learn.
Because research has shown that times tables tests and time pressure can be the start of a child’s maths anxiety, it’s a really good idea to encourage your child to play this type of game handling real objects, building up visual images and confidence, before trying tables apps which are basically quick-fire tests.

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