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Essential Oils Journal & Organizer

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I've created this essential oils journal & planner to help you stay organized in your oily life. It'll be so much fun to work with! I can't wait for you to start organizing your oils.

The journal is perfect for you to keep track of your oils' purchase date, shelf life, main therapeutic properties, and more. Note your favorite brands, source countries, and also make sure complete the precautions or "not safe for" section. It's easy with simple check marks!

This planner also has neatly organized pages for collecting DIY recipes, roller bottle recipes, and your favorite blends.

The journal has 24 pages. But the pages are not numbered. If you wish to have more pages in a section, you can simply re-print as many as you like.

There are 3 drops beside the single oils, oil blends and DIY recipes. They're for you to rate your oils and Creations: 1-Star , 2-Star or 3-Star (love it!). This way it'll be easy to keep track of what you liked and what you didn't like.

Begin filling your journal with the oils from your starter kits. As you add oils to your collection, keep your organizer up-to-date and enjoy your progress through your essential oils life. The pages are US letter sized. Use a whole-punch and your favorite pretty binder to start your EO journal in. I have omitted title pages on purpose - to save your printer's ink!

There is also a spot for notes. Use it to write reminders or substitute oils that worked for you.

Most of all, this journal, planner and organizer helps you enjoy your oils, and your aromatherapy day!

P.S. My favorite page is the "My Oily Month". Keep track of your daily diffusing and more! It's in the previews, check it out! 💜
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