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Understanding Yourself as an Entrepreneur

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Employees do what they’re told.  Owners decide what to do.  Which are you? 

      Understanding Yourself as an Entrepreneur will provide students with a solid foundation in small business conceptualization, planning, innovation, and design based on Scriptural principles. We seek to help the student learner better understand their spiritual gifts and talents, and what makes you uniquely you. With this as a foundation, it is our desire to help the student learner assess their own goals, talents, strengths and weaknesses in order to realistically prepare to launch a business of their choosing.

      As you take Understanding Yourself as an Entrepreneur, our goals for you and what you will learn are as follows:

  1. That you learn the three vital and creative roles of an entrepreneur - forecaster, project appraiser, and risk taker.
  2. That you understand an effective entrepreneur must possess three qualities – judgment, perseverance, and a knowledge of the world.
  3. And finally, using a process called “story-centric teaching,” learn the importance of organizational planning, team building, and the vital necessity to monitor revenues and expenses in any business start-up.
You will get a PDF (903KB) file