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Petticreek Five, Audiobook, Prequel, Thrive Space Colony Adventures

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Audiobook, digitally narrated, 2 hours, 21 minutes. Delivered by BookFunnel. Swipe cover image for audio sample.

She can't die. But this moon is killing her people.

Sass Collier took years to buy a spaceship, a dream born in humiliation and defeat.

Four decades ago, Sass arrived on the unpromising moon Mahina with refugees from Earth, the home planet now falling out of living memory. As a marshal, she mediates disputes between the elites of the capital and destitute settlers wresting a living from the moondust.

Then an ‘air drop’ kills hundreds, maybe thousands.

Settlers tucked their children into bed, then enjoyed an hour of free time before they slept. And out of the blue, they suffocated to death.

This isn’t the only injustice on Mahina — far from it. But it’s the final straw, the match that lights rebellion aflame. Irate as anyone, Sass becomes a ringleader. Settlers demand a shot at a better life!

Until the rebels go too far. Must she betray everyone?

Petticreek Five is an origin story for the humorous Thrive space colonization series. If you enjoy the motley crew of Firefly and the world-building of Heinlein, try Thrive!

Note Thrive books 1-4 are Audible-exclusive (can buy through Amazon).

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3 weeks ago

I now have a better understanding of how it all started

I have really enjoyed all of the books so far about Sass and crew in the Aloha system but was very excited to see a new prequel was available that dove into Sass' history before the events of the first book. This story did a great job of putting you into the mindset of Sass so you could imagine anyone ending up coming to the same conclusions and the same results. Poor Sass, just trying to help out. My only critique is I wish it was a little longer but that's probably just because I always enjoy a book in this world! I enjoyed this in the audiobook format and found it a great listen.


Verified Buyer

2 months ago

The origin story you didn't know you needed.

Excellent recounting of the pivotal events that
reveal Sass's motivations and character. Written in flashback with interesting teases along the way. The concise, detail rich story rises above the limitations of an AI narrator.


Verified Buyer

2 months ago

More of the origin story!

Nice to get a little more about what happened to Sass before and some of what shaped her attitudes at the start of the next book. Really enjoyed the series and recommend reading the whole timeline in order. My first (that I'm aware of) Ai narrator and it's pretty impressive. It wasn't distracting and it was easy to listen to.