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Self-Healing Techniques You Wished You Knew About Earlier

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This is a small book with a big message on improving your health by using your subconscious mind. Your body is a self-healing organism. The gift of the human body to heal itself is a remarkable feature. A growing body of scientific evidence suggests that our minds can play a significant role in improving our health. You just need to know how to activate your body's self-healing abilities.

I'll show you how to use various strategies (some better known than others) to stimulate your body's self-healing process and unlock your self-healing powers. The self-healing techniques I'll show you in this book can be done in the privacy of your own home and must be used in conjunction with healthy nutrition and exercise.

Important to note is that I'm not advocating in this book that you shouldn't seek medical help or counsel, especially if you're suffering from a severe condition. It is essential to always seek the advice of a doctor or other health care professional. Instead, I'd like to show you how to harness your body's strength to improve your health because there is growing evidence that you can do this. All you need to know is how to activate your body's innate healing ability.

The nine techniques in this book will lead you down a path of self-discovery and self-healing that you never thought possible while also encouraging you to delve deeper.

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