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Moonstone Portents

On the remote and quiet world of Ark'ahdia, a lone man, known as Del'kurgoth, does his best to raise his four mechanical brothers in the ways of their people after the death of his closest friends; telling them tales of ancient beings, breathtaking lands, and giving a voice to people long since dead as he teaches them about the world around them. Though everything is not as peaceful as it seems, as they soon find they're not alone, and are forced on an journey for their future and the fate of their entire species.

"What happens to a society’s beliefs when they are gone?
Do their beliefs cease to exist or do they struggle to survive without those who gave them a cause, a reason to exist.
Do people give power to their demons, or do their demons give power to them?
Will the monsters of their creation serve as a grim reminder of what they were?
Or will they push forth, forging their own path in a cruel and empty world?
Belief as a construct, has no beginning and it has no end, so long as there is a single person alive to will it.
Therefore, a society's beliefs will far exceed that of their own lifespan.
For creations and beliefs span the length of time.
For what is a society, a people, without belief?
And for that,
These are the Repercussions."

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