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Quick Intro to First Nations Culture

Feel confident you've patched the largest holes left by your previous education.

Are you interested in Aboriginal culture but don't know where to start? Don't have much time to invest into reading?

This mini course helps you

  • avoid common myths many Australians still believe are true, and know what is actually true;
  • know about the Stolen Generations and stolen wages and their lasting impact today;
  • have an idea about health and prison rates, two of the most important topics where you should have the facts right;
  • get an overview of Aboriginal movies and the time periods they can be divided into so you can pick well for your next night in;
  • read examples of Aboriginal poetry, both beautiful and critical.

After completing this mini course you know enough to confidently choose your next step of learning and be unafraid when a conversation turns to Aboriginal topics and you want to contribute.

Never feel embarrassed or guilty again. Be in the know and feel good about it.

What people are saying

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I feel I come from a position of greater knowledge."

— Steve M

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I have started a journey of discovery. Thank you for the excellent references such as the lists of movies which display different views and portrayals of our Indigenous community. I look forward to hearing more from you.

— Betty B

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Packed full of interesting information. I have to make more time to read all however it's always great to have this at the front of mind.

— Tristen T

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