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The Generosity Of Receiving

How good are you at receiving? When someone tells you what you’re wearing looks lovely, do you reply “what - this old thing?”, and totally bat away the compliment?

What about receiving judgment? Is that easier for you to receive or do you resist that too?

And how much of YOU are you willing to receive?

The current reality on this planet is that receiving is very often made bad and wrong. If someone else is receiving something, that means there’s less for everyone else - kind of thing.

Is that really true?

People make up all sorts of reasons, justifications, and stories to ensure they don’t out-receive those around them, and they create all sorts of trauma and drama in their life to ensure they don’t get judged as being greedy.

Receiving is so often based on whether it’s judged as “well deserved”.

Are you willing to receive everything you desire without having to work your fingers to the bone first in order to demonstrate you deserve it?

Can you really have the life you desire if you’re unwilling to receive it?

What would change if you were willing to receive more of everything you desire without having to justify it?

What if you could be as generous with your receiving as you are with your gifting?

Generous and receiving in the same sentence?! Say whaaaaat?! Can it really be generous to receive?

Are you willing to come and play and find out?

Join Alun and Betsy for this juicy call where they shared tools, processes, awarenesses and questions to help you smash down walls and barriers to receiving, and invite you to receive more generously than ever before.

Is now the time to up your generosity of receiving quotient 10-million-fold?

When you purchase this product you will receive:

  • An MP3 Audio recording of the 90-minute tele-call
  • An MP3 Audio recording of the processes to help you clear everything that keeps you from receiving
  • A PDF of the processes
  • A PDF of questions to ask to exponentialise your receiving

You will get the following files:

  • MP3 (11MB)
  • MP3 (32MB)
  • PDF (417KB)
  • PDF (58KB)

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