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Weaning on a Budget

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This handy guide is full of easy to read information to help you start your baby on solid foods and progress onto more family style meals. Based on the latest NHS guidance you can be assured that you are getting up to date information but this book doesn't stop at the information you can get elsewhere...

It's packed with tips and tricks to reduce the cost of the process from saving on equipment to food and food prep without chaining you to the kitchen too - because let's face it, we have enough pressures on us looking after our little ones.

Plus there are some simple example menus for different stages of weaning and recipes to help you along the way.

Written by an experienced Registered Nutritionist and mum of 3; you know you are in safe hands.

So many weaning resources are actually marketing materials for baby food brands. This is not. You won't see any baby food marketing in this book. 

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Verified Buyer

1 year ago

Very Useful

I have found this book to be an easy read and very handy to have to look back on for reference and reassurance.
There is a lot of information online and it can be very overwhelming! So having a clear and concise book, as written by a qualified professional (who is also a mum!) has given me peace of mind.

***I would also recommend checking out the 'First Foods' course by Porter Nutrition***

Aliya was *very* knowledgeable and personable, answering all of our questions either in the call or via email afterwards.

Really informative handouts were also sent out after each session.

I think both the book and the course are useful, not just 1 or the other - as you can get more from having them both and ask any questions in the course too

Overall both the book and the course are great value for money to build confidence and knowledge for such an important life skill - and one that I think is often overlooked in terms of how to manage weaning well


Verified Buyer

1 year ago

Simple, helpful, practical

Really recommend this book as a guide to weaning. We assume kids should eat the same as a healthy adult diet but this simply isn't true. Aliya takes you through everything you need to know about weaning and even has some delicious recipes to get you started. Highly recommend this book.


2 years ago

A fab weaning resource!

This is a great resource with lots of useful information on weaning. Its nice and easy to read and the recipes included all look really simple to make. Its also reassuring that Its written by a Registered Nutritionist with a lot of experience in this area.