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Shield of Winter

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Alana has been captured. She expected an agonizing death to follow, but instead, she now finds herself a guest of the Tsar. Locked away amidst untold wealth and luxury, it isn’t long before she learns the reason she was spared – her entire life has been a lie. Her true identity lurks within, chained by magic, but with promises of untold power. It terrifies her, and yet…she must know the truth.

Meanwhile, ex-soldier Devon plans a fresh rebellion in Trola. But after carving his legend in the blood of their people, he’s a marked man. He’ll have to watch his step if he’s to successfully negotiate the shifting tides of the Trolan cause – and not get himself killed in the process. Either way, failure is not an option, because without an uprising, Alana will be lost to him forever…

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