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The Twelve Months of the Year in 850 Languages and Dialects: Second Edition (pdf), 468 Pages

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If you speak Achuar Chicham, you call August “Wampuash,” switch to Spanish for numbers greater than four, and cover your mouth and avoid eye contact when conversing with visitors. Pingelapese? Chances are almost ten percent you see everything in black and white.

This is no ordinary reference. TMOTY-850 sidesteps most “mainstream” foreign languages, except where you get to see them through a glass darkly. (Italian? No! Friulian, Lombard, Sassarese? You bet!) Not only are many of these languages seriously endangered, quite a few others in the book are extinct.

"The breadth of this unusual enterprise is impressive, delivering many rich and distinctive details. The specifics the author provides about the assortment of speakers and their countries are intriguing, as is the orthographic variety on display..."                                                                

-- Kirkus Reviews --

Learn how to ask someone if they speak a language other than Mozarabic... in Mozarabic. And why Cape Verdean Creole speakers may ask you to peel your teeth. And what language’s grammar incorporates how sure you are of what you're saying — in five increments of precision.

"Trivia lovers and movie buffs would enjoy the treats Kukisvoomchor sprinkles throughout this reference... Examples include the language used in the video game Minecraft and the Northeast Bantu language spoken in Return of the Jedi..."

-- Online Book Club --

Contents: Introduction, Month Listings, Lingo Factinos, Acknowledgments, Glossary, Appendix, Index for Alternate Language Names, Index by Language Families.

Nothing else like it, guaranteed.

"Shout out to the author who put in such an intense amount of work to culminate this book! It is a remarkable book of our time... The book also has a super interesting glossary of some interesting linguistic terms, IPA [International Phonetic Alphabet], and references for language family which is such a treat for the readers!!"

-- inkdream on Amazon --

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