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More Humorous Bible Story Drama Scripts for Schools and Churches

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These five Bible story drama scripts are written in a modern, humorous style that children will love to act out and the adults will also enjoy watching them!
This is book number two in this series and although the characters and conversations have been added for dramatization purposes these scripts still remain true to the original Bible stories.


Children really enter into these dramas and imagine themselves in the stories where they can learn about tough situations, and how these old characters responded to whatever was throw up in their lives.
The Rev Sue Simpson of Somersham Benefice comments: "I learned quite a bit myself, things that I just took for granted but see with new eyes in the introduction and the dramatic retelling of the story. I think you bring the characters to life and also bring out the humour and the humanness of them."

A little history:
I was part of a small group of Christians who wanted to start a drama after
school’s club. I spent a considerable amount of time trawling through the
Internet looking for suitable drama scripts, but none of them seemed to fit
what we wanted to achieve.
So, I decided to write my own Bible story drama scripts based on the stories from the Bible:

1 DRAMA ‘Can a money grabbing person ever change?’
  • SCENE 1 ‘The Tax Collectors Party’
  • SCENE 2 ‘A change of heart and a trust in God’
  • SCENE 3 ‘A Tax Collectors party with a difference’
2 DRAMA ‘What Happened After Jesus Died?’
  • SCENE 1 ‘The Empty Tomb’
  • SCENE 2: ‘Too scary, too unbelievable to think about’
  • SCENE 3: ‘The Gardener’
  • SCENE 4: ‘A stranger on the road’
  • SCENE 5: ‘I need proof – I need to see Jesus for myself’
3 SERIES 1 DRAMA: ‘Babylon’s Palace’
“Interpret my dream - but I’m not saying what I dreamt about!”
  • SCENE 1: ‘Vegetables are good!’
  • SCENE 2: ‘God’s told me the interpretation!’
  • SCENE 3: ‘The last kingdom in the dream’
4 SERIES 2 DRAMA: ‘Babylon’s Palace’
‘The pride of king Nebuchadnezzar’ 31
  • SCENE 1: ‘Everyone bow down before my statue - or die!’ 
  • SCENE 2: ‘Throw them into the furnace!’
  • SCENE 3: ‘King Nebuchadnezzar’s madness’
5 SERIES 3 DRAMA: ‘Babylon’s Palace’
‘More arrogance and jealousy’
  • SCENE 1: ‘The writing is on the wall’
  • SCENE 2: ‘A law won’t stop me from praying!’
  • SCENE 3: ‘The lions want their breakfast!’
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