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Mirrors Lie, and Sometimes Mothers

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“Assured and contemplative, wounded and forgiving, these prismatic soundings herald a voice to be welcomed. The subtle slow-burn of Dion D’ Souza’s poems remains with us long after reading. Mirrors Lie, and Sometimes Mothers is a rewarding addition to the poetry shelf.”

— Priya Sarukkai Chabria, Poet, Editor, & Translator

“The poems in this immensely moving book of grief are like the small bottles of perfume one of them describes: ‘flacons of cut glass / scented spirits / tightly capped’: hard yet fragile vessels full of scent and memory. D’Souza combines vivid childhood images and moments in delicate, well-balanced lines. The result is a spare lyricism; ‘a fine ash of metal’. As is the case with only the very finest elegies, the reader feels the loss as their own.”

— Arun Sagar

About the Author:

Dion D’Souza is a poet and short fiction writer. His work has appeared in journals such as Out of  PrintThe Punch MagazineGuftugu, and Kitaab. He was shortlisted for the Toto Funds the Arts Creative Writing Prize in 2013 and the Raedleaf India Poetry Award in 2014. 

D’Souza completed his postgraduate work in English Literature from the University of Mumbai. His first collection of poetry, Three Doors, was published by PoetryPrimero/Poetrywala in 2016. He works as an editor and lives in Mumbai.
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