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Build fast, responsive, modern web apps using C# and .NET 6
Microsoft has released a new version of Blazor WASM (Web Assembly) with .NET 6 and there's never been a better time to jump aboard the Blazor train.

Bring your C# skills to the fore, enjoy the benefits of strong-typing, a familiar ecosystem (and tools), and build web applications that rival all those fancy "JS heavy" applications you encounter every day.

Blazor WASM applications, written using C#, run entirely in the browser (just like JavaScript). You can build complex, rich, interactive web applications without writing a lick of JavaScript.

Save yourself endless hours of web searches, scouring the official docs and trying to piece together meaningful examples from the Internet.

Now you can quickly grasp the fundamentals andĀ fast-forward to the good bit, the bit (where you get to build interesting web applications) with my newly updated (for .NET 6) Blazor course.
You will get a TXT (441B) file