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Vengeance Born: A Grim & Reaper Netherworld Tale (Ebook)

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Two Dark Tales. One deliciously haunting book.

Enter the Netherworld and dive into the dark with Grim and Reaper. The resident lords of Purgia may govern the deathly dealings of the day, but when they’re faced with the matters of their heart, their worlds get turned upside down. 

When an enigmatic woman begs Thelios Mirth to save she and her sister from the clutches of Hades, the Grim Lord finds himself gambling with the unexpected. His heart. 

Lord Roark wants for nothing but to reap the strays and vagabonds roaming the city of Purgia, but when a ward of the High Prince seeks his help against rebel forces, he forsakes his better judgment with hopes to reap something forbidden. Love

Tales of a Grim

I am the dark force that both the living and dead fear. That is, until I come face to face with one who fears neither life nor death. Her presence alone tears me in two, breaks me down and builds me up. I have gambled all that I have just to keep her by my side, but winning her heart is the only prize worth claiming. 

Tales of a Reaper

I tear souls, reaping them to shreds like wheat in my own dark harvest. I have no need of charity or the pity of grace. But there’s something in her shimmering gaze, enchanting me to places my vagrant soul cannot comprehend. Touching her is forbidden, punishable by the truest death, but I care not. I’d die a thousand deaths just to hold the one who now holds my heart. 

Vengeance Born: A Grim & Reaper Netherworld Tale is a two-act novella filled with dark fantasy, broody, ruggedly handsome mythical men, strong love interests. Both tales are steamy, dark, no cheating, with touches of mafia and barbarian-ish charm. Readers of the Fire duet, Fire Kissed & Fire Born will be happy to see Grim & Reaper again, while newbies get to dive head-first in an interconnected, yet standalone book.

Author Note: Mature content. Suitable for ages 18+. Contains sexual situations, pillow talk, violence among supernatural creatures, discussions of death and morbidity and some gore. Ebooks will be emailed via Bookfunnel using the email address provided at purchase. See included FAQ for additional ebook delivery information.

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