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Animals make for terrible technology. The technological use of animals--making food, drugs, clothing, and cosmetics out of animal material--will cease. A cow takes over one year to grow, "wastes" over ninety percent of what it's fed, and cannot be innovated much further. After Meat explains the fundamental limits of animal technology in terms of physics and biology. Replacement technology such as microbial fermentation will surpass those limits. Eventually, we’ll have food that is better in every way--in terms of taste, cost, nutrition, resource consumption, and ethics--because we won't use animals to produce it.

Along the way, After Meat leads us through a veritable forest of adjacent topics. We wade into evolution and reductivism, broach consciousness and the Multiverse, dive into economics and policy, bounce from weather prediction to the problem of hunger to the morality of eating plants. In sum, we ineluctably conclude that our future has little room for animal technology, and that future will be better for it. 

The After Meat audiobook is narrated by the award-winning Laurel Lefkow, and the book was written by Karthik Sekar, PhD. Karthik has a doctorate in Chemical Engineering from Northwestern University and postdoctoral experience in Quantitative/Systems Biology from ETH Zurich. He currently works as a data scientist on the front lines of the alternative food revolution in the Bay Area of California.

Praise for After Meat:

"Any collection strong in sustainable choices and social transformation needs to include After Meat", Recommended Reading-D. Donovan, Midwest Book Review

"After Meat is an entertaining and hugely informative book", 4.5/5 stars-San Francisco Book Review

"arrestingly matter-of-fact," "left-brained," and "engaging"-Kirkus Reviews

"After Meat provides much-needed scientific clarity and captivating detail"-Jacy Reese Anthis, Author of The End of Animal Farming
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