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How To Study Happier

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The straight-A slacker's secrets to KILLER SCORES.

High scores require motivation. They require effort. And that requires your participation. 

What would your grades look like if you actually enjoyed studying?

Think about it.

What if completing your homework gave you pleasure? What if reading your textbook was more fun than watching a movie? What if you actually enjoyed studying?

Well... then you'd actually do what you needed to do - and your scores would skyrocket.

Here is one little secret I learned scoring near the top of my college class:

Scoring high is a lot easier than most people think it is - that is, IF YOU KNOW WHAT YOU'RE DOING. Most students flop around because they've never learned how to study for high scores. 

This guide will correct it. 

It will show you:
  • The path to higher scores is easier than you think
  • How to study more effectively (remembering more and getting done way faster)
  • The strategies that get you to actually enjoying studying

Thousands of students have changed their lives reading my previous books and I get so many messages about it that it kind of drove me nuts because I knew it…

There is more to the story that I never had the chance to tell.

School isn't only about strategies and scores. 

Sure... the scores are important. But there is a purpose for these big numbers and it doesn't matter how big the number is if the process makes you miserable. The purpose of the big scores is to bring more joy into your life and if it's not doing this then you're not doing it right.

You can and will score high AND enjoy the process even if you're struggling to do it right now because these strategies are powerful. Science has discovered and reconfirmed the most powerful strategies and how to use them.

This book is the MOST POWERFUL book I’ve ever written.

In this book you’re going to get stuff life this -
  • Proof that happy students are the highest scoring students
  • How to pick the happy path to killer grades even if you’re on the miserable path right now
  • The best students don’t study the most - this is what they do
  • Why is it that the hardest working students don’t score higher?
  • You don’t need to sacrifice your happiness to get killer scores
  • Why studying harder isn’t giving you the grades you were promised
  • The stupid simple secret to staying motivated when you’re actually enjoying your work
  • How to see what you NEED to see to bring your academic game up to the NEXT LEVEL
  • A simple way to improve your grades while doing almost nothing differently - and how it works in a sneaky little way
  • The reason you’ve been taught the exact WRONG way to get top scores
  • How to br their scores
  • The thing that you need to see that will protect yourself from the miserable student trap where you can never study enough.
  • How to turn your grades up and down like a volume knob on an old radio
  • How to set your gradee near the top of his class then YES, you can too.
  • How to access your gut perception - get it working for you instead of against you
  • Why “if you’re not enjoying it then you’re not doing it right” - and how to do it right
  • See that HAPPY STUDYING IS BETTER STUDYING - and exactly how to make it happen even if you DESPISE studying right now!
  • A 5 step strategy to studying better for killer scores while waltzing through life - having straight up fun in the process - and I’m talking about a seriously life-changing difference.

You can join thousands of students in learning more - scoring higher - and enjoying the process with this

Still thinking about it?

Better grades can bring you a better life on a silver platter. 

Colleges. Careers. Friends. 

These systems matter.

It gives you more freedom to live your life the way that you choose to live it. Parents and teachers give you more leverage because they know you're capable of managing things. Friends enjoy your company more because you spend more better time with them instead of struggling  with the books 24x7. 

And I want to be 100% sure you get your chance - 

100% Money Back Guarantee

If you're not 100% satisfied with your purchase and the results you get from reading it then please let me know so I can give you a 100% refund. Email is the best way.  It doesn't happen often but when it happens - for whatever reason - literally any reason - I want you to know that you can change your mind or move on to try the next thing.

Get your copy. There is no reason not to.

What Some Readers Thought:


This a great book to add to repertoire! Attitude about learning plays a huge part in success. Happiness and learning are usually diametrically opposed. Especially since most educators as you pointed out were not the best students. This book is chockful of brain entrainment.

I loved the way you blasted through the perfectionist excuse! Perfectionism is a trap that stops a person from doing their best before they even truly try. Explaining how powerful the gut is also is incredibly helpful. Ultimately, happiness comes from confidence. Confidence comes from being in control and seeing where your efforts have taken you.


That the most important step is the first step,that is to be committed to change things around in your study life. By assessing the positive or negative elements of a new routine you can effectively tweak your technique until you attain the grades of your dreams.

It’s was a nice refresher of some of the content from other SSS books integrated with some new motivational advice to encourage me to continue to pursue being a consistent A scoring student.
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