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Golden Wings (Untold Tales)

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To earn her wings, Lina has to survive. Has she got what it takes?

Wings are the only thing that'll get her accepted... 

Lina has always been made to feel like an outcast with her wingless status, but she meets a real life faerie, she starts to dream of more. Her desires are cut short when she catches the eye of creatures much more dark and deadly. 

To earn her wings, she has to survive. Has she got what it takes?


Golden Wings is part of the Untold Tales series of fantasy fairy tale retellings and is based on Thumbelina. It includes a sweet m/f romance and can be read as a standalone. 

If you enjoy fairy tale retellings in fantasy settings, a dash of romance, adorable familiars, happy endings, and heroines who save themselves, start the Untold Tales series today!
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