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The Merna Annals (Book 2): Bound by Oath and Heart

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The Hunters’ Guild may have won the battle, but the tide has Turned.

Fractured by Abraxas’s betrayal at Sancta Terra, merna scatter to the winds. The five remaining Elders split Ian and Nephtyri without realizing their sunwalker has a new secret. Though the budding couple can visit one another in dreams, a life apart tests their bond. A quest to find Ian a weapon to match his powers binds him to his bloodbound siblings. Their quests reveal not all mythical creatures are lost, and celestials play foul.


Rochelle adapts to a lesser role as Shifei of all vampires under the pressure of Bjorn’s presence in his halls at Amaranth. With the help of Aryeh and others near and afar, they plot with Ian and his siblings to save the Alliance without their new Uran Shifei-ra.

Suspicious of their allegiances in her ranks as the new merna queen, Nephtyri heightens the search to free her lost grandmother from the Hunters’ captivity. The dead walk and the living fight to thrive, but newly found joy lies on the horizon.

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