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How can you make 2022 your most epic year yet?!

If you’re anything like me, then that means you have a million things going through your head at one time with random to-do lists, appointments, grocery lists, and various other responsibilities swirling around inside your beautiful brain and trying to remember all of that is a fun game of did I or didn’t I? 

If you have ever wondered – where can I put ALL this information, not lose it, and REMEMBER IT?! LOOK NO FURTHER!!!

This wonderful “ULTIMATE LIFE PLANNER + JOURNAL” has exactly what you need for ALL of life’s curveballs PLUS some!

The ULTIMATE LIFE PLANNER + JOURNAL comes fully stacked with 90 pages of GOODNESS and ORGANIZATION to get you back on track and make 2022 your most EPIC year yet!!!

Monthly calendars with important reminders
A copy of the YEARLY REVIEW so you can transfer your answers and keep yourself accountable
a customizable 2022 VISION BOARD to help make sure this year is EPIC
a gratitude brain dump – to remind you of all the things to be grateful for
your full 2022 monthly calendar
a 2022 budget overview – making sure your finances are just as epic as you!
a savings tracker so you can start your plan for big purchases or retirement NOW
a list of 30 self-love tasks to make yourself feel your best
a sheet for important dates – anniversaries, birthdays, etc.
and various places for misc. notes
BUT WAIT… there’s more!!!....

Each monthly calendar comes equipped with a space for important reminders, a monthly grocery list to follow along with, and sheets with weekly planners to help narrow down those to-do list
You will get a PDF (12MB) file

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