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Projects Based Learning (Project Code and Data)

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Download Code and Data for the following Project

  • Vehicle Sales Report - Data Analysis
  • Video Game Sales - Data Analysis
  • SLACK - Data Analysis
  • Life Expectancy Prediction using Machine Learning
  • Medical Appointment - Data Analysis
  • Predicting Possible Loan Default Using Machine Learning
  • Machine Learning Project - Loan Approval Prediction
  • Healthcare Analytics for Beginners
  • Marketing Analytics
  • Customer Segmentation using Machine Learning in Apache Spark
  • Machine Learning Project - Creating Movies Recommendation Engine using Apache Spark
  • Machine Learning Project on Sales Prediction or Sale Forecast
  • Machine Learning Project on Mushroom Classification whether it's edible or poisonous
  • Machine Learning Pipeline Application on Power Plant
  • Machine Learning Project Predict Forest Cover
  • Machine Learning Project Predict Will it Rain Tomorrow in Australia
  • Predict Ads Click - Practice Data Analysis and Logistic Regression Prediction
  • Prediction task is to determine whether a person makes over 50K a year
  • Classifying gender based on personal preferences
  • Mobile Price Classification
  • Predicting the Cellular Localization Sites of Proteins in Yest
  • YouTube Spam Comment Prediction
  • Identify the Type of animal (7 Types) based on the available attributes
  • Glass Identification
  • Predicting the age of abalone from physical measurements

You will get a ZIP (34MB) file
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