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Fingerbone Sky by Peter Jastermsky

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“To witness the birth of a new poetic form is both a tremendous privilege and an honor. The combination of the inherently surrealist nature of monoku with the lyrical candor of cherita is powerful in Fingerbone Sky. Peter Jastermsky skillfully combines daydream-like imagery with heart-breaking truths about family, loss, and loneliness. While Peter’s human experience is unique, it is easy to feel his heart, words, and story within the rich space he has created between his verses.”

— Tiffany Shaw-Diaz, Poet & Artist

About the Author:

Peter Jastermsky has authored seven books of haiku-based writing, and lives with his family in the high desert of Southern California, USA. He is also a Dwarf Star Award and Best of the Net nominee. In 2017, Peter invented a new form that is haiku-centered called a split sequence. His recent book, Just Dust and Stone (Velvet Dusk Publishing, 2021), is a collection of collaborative split sequences, co-written with Bryan Rickert. Peter’s other titles include Steel Cut Moon (Cholla Needles Press, 2019), No Velcro Here (Yavanika Press, 2019), and The Silence We Came For (Yavanika Press, 2020).
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