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Making It Spark

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“Why are you touching me like that? I thought you were straight?”

Aaron had tormented me all through high school. He was the athlete who always had a girl on his arm, and another in the backseat of his convertible. I was the sensitive theater geek and knew I was different, while he was the jock determined to make my life a living hell. Years later, he put out a fire in my building and ignited one inside of me.

Of course, he was straight. Every man I fell for preferred skirts to me. But something was different about Aaron now. He wanted to be my friend, and straight guys normally didn’t hang out with me. So, I dragged him to a gay bar, hoping to scare him away. Instead, when a drunk guy got handsy with me, Aaron kissed me. Like, tongue in mouth full-on kissed me.
Straight guys didn’t kiss gay guys, right?

Making It Spark is the second book in the Making It Series, and it is a spicy trope soup. Gay for you, actors, firefighters, opposites attract, and first time gay experience. While they loathed each other as teens, sparks fly when they reunite years later. This blazing hot novella will steam up your ereader and ignite your heart. Each book in the Making It series can be read as a standalone story.
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