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Self-Publishing Second Editions Checklist

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The ultimate check-list for self-publishing a second edition of your book

Maybe you realized your side character needs more definition.
Maybe the data you published five years ago and now woefully out of date.
Maybe that DIY cover art is hurting the book along with some rookie typos.

Whatever the reason for electing to self-publish a second edition of your book, it is time to get those new files uploaded and out to the world.

I've been self-publishing since 2015 and I've done a second edition for my fiction and non-fiction books. This can be a meticulous endeavor, but my checklist will give you the exact steps and order of operations you need to get the book updated and out to the people. Whether your book is on Amazon KDP, IngramSpark, ACX, Findaway Voices, or any other self-publishing platform, you need a plan! This checklist gives you exactly that.

Let's get your second edition DONE!
You will get a PDF (292KB) file