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Friluftsliv: The Nordic Art of Loving the Outdoors

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Friluftsliv, that famous Nordic concept of getting outside into nature.  Not so easy when you live in a city or town, when you have a life to live.  Am I right??


I believe that you can live a Nordic life wherever you are in the world and whoever you are. 
And I am going to show you how starting with friluftsliv, the art of getting outside into nature.
  • Do you want to get outside like they do in the Nordic countries?
  • Do you wish you knew where to start?
  • Do you want a practical guide to keep you motivated and enthusiastic?
  • Would you like some tips and secrets from someone who has learnt it all from scratch?

It can be such a chore to get outside especially when the weather is cold, raining and Netflix and the sofa are calling, but I promise that you are not alone.

I was the one dreading winter and cold and the dreary days that come with it, but fear not, I am here with you and I have a solution.
Have you noticed what a difference to your state of mind just standing outside your front door can make?

Close your eyes for a moment and imagine yourself standing in a quiet forest or on the shores of a sandy beach or at the top of a mountain.  Just you and nature and the wide sky.

Simply imagining it brings you to a new place, brings a level of calm, slows your breathing.  So imagine how it would be if you took those outside into nature everyday (well, let's start with every few days.  This is the gentle approach.  There are no regimental sergeant majors here!).

You don't need to struggle on this alone.  I can help!
I invite you for a peek into my life and the skills, techniques and knowledge I have gained living in Norway that have helped me (and three kids of varying ages) to truly embrace friluftsliv with Nordic authenticity.
"But Fiona, Scandinavians have grown up with friluftsliv.  It's in their blood"

Yes you're right, but that passion and love of the outdoors and nature can be learnt.  I wasn't born in Scandinavia; I am English.  I was born and raised in southern England.  A far cry from the wild forest, fjords and mountains of Norway.  Yet I have learnt to love friluftsliv like I am Nordic. 
I have lived in Norway for 7 years, been back and forth for much longer but what I will always carry with me wherever I chose to live is the Nordic love of friluftsliv.

I want to share that passion with you.  I want to show you how you too can have that rare and precious love of all things outdoors.  How to be ready and excited to get outdoors regardless of what the weather throws at us; how to find friluftsliv in the unexpected places and how to embrace it all like you are Nordic.

What is "Friluftsliv: the Nordic Art of Loving the Outdoors"?
It's a practical, easy to use 106 page e-guide to help you embrace friluftsliv in a really Nordic way.
I will show you:
How friluftsliv is enjoyed in the Nordic countries
Different types of friluftsliv
All the reasons why it's good for you
Ways to get it in your own life with easy to use worksheets and simple steps
Tips and tricks to keep your enthusiasm and motivation

This is a self study e-book that you do at your own pace and pick up and put down as you wish.

You can download and access the guide from your PC, MAC, phone, tablet and even print it at home if you wish.

No time to read and study?  Don't worry.  You can use the bits that are most relevant to you right now and use the rest of it when you want.

Let me tell you more....

Together we will be taking a journey through friluftsliv in the Nordic region and in particular Norway, my adopted country. 

I will be telling you all about the ways friluftsliv is enjoyed and cherished here. 

We will learn about why it's good for your health, both physically and mentally, and all the benefits that come from embracing a more Nordic life outside. 

We'll talk about ways in which you can encourage a love of friluftsliv in yourself an those around you. 

Special attention will be paid to dressing right (yes, it's important) and in particular dressing for winter outside.

I'm including tips, tricks and secrets to help you fall in love with friluftsliv like your'e Nordic.

There are worksheets and checklists that you can use on your device or print off to make notes on.

You will get a PDF (3MB) file