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Germany & Portugal, two amazing bitcoin tax havens!

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Dear reader,

Crypto is hot! The disbelievers in cryptocurrencies write in envy while their peers rake in the profits. More than anyone, however, who are turning green with envy are the tax authorities. In high-tax countries, like most European states, they want a piece of the pie. They are greedy in their never ending hunger for more tax revenue, so they can play Santa for their pampered voter base.

Fortunately, there are ways for creative crypto investors to escape those grubby tax authority hands. And this is a mission we happily support them in. You see, there is nothing wrong with going where you are treated best. Right now, if we look at Europe, there are two countries that are extra friendly to crypto investors. These are Germany and Portugal.

There is a lot of incorrect information circulating on the Internet and there are a lot of uncertainties about the current laws. In this concise e-booklet, we have briefly listed the pros and cons of both countries. This helps you make the right choice!

Enjoy reading it and for additional questions, contact us

Kind regards,

Iven De Hoon

Cryptocurrencies taxation in Germany

  • 1. introduction
  • 2. an overview of the bitcoin taxation in Germany
  • 2.1 vat taxation
  • 2.2 taxation of income generated from non-commercial bitcoin trading
  • 2.3 taxation of income generated from commercial bitcoin trading
  • 2.4 the difference between non-commercial and commercial bitcoin trading
  • 2.5 taxation of mining income
  • 2.6 falling within the scope of the German tax jurisdiction
  • 3. the first german court decision on qualification of bitcoins
  • 4. the germany’s new crypto custody law
  • 5. a new crypto securities law
  • 6. conclusion references

Cryptocurrencies taxation in Portugal

  • 1. the general legal tax framework existent in Portugal
  • 2. definition of income for tax purposes in Portugal.
  • 2.1 state of the art of taxation of cryptocurrencies in Portugal
  • 2.2 defining “money” for tax purposes
  • 2.3 defining “kind” for tax purposes
  • 3. what is professional..?


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