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Tinnitus: Revenge Is Never Knowing When the Blow Will Come

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Murder is a Message


The newspaper hack who lost his Fleet Street job after asking the wrong questions. Searching for a skeleton in a closet, he finds numerous bodies instead. Not one of them is the one he wants...


One time lead singer with the phenomenon known as Rap Banter, she is determined to pay off her moral debt to Vic Victor senior. Having sacrificed love for a sense of duty, love catches up with her.


The Musical Theatre Company wants a true crime story to adapt for the stage. Three years out of music school, Sandy has stars in his eyes, but when he finds his story, the witnesses start killing each other.


The once child star of a Brazilian soap has left the stage to turn her hand to fashion in London. But first she must get back the royalties that are hers by right.

These four driven characters converge on three houses in Morricone Crescent at the heart of London's Notting Hill in August 1997. Four carefully staged deaths tie them together just before the turmoil erupts over the death of Diana, Princess of Wales. They compete to make sense of the carnage in their attempts to escape back to normality.
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