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Out of the Smoke

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Horror fills the streets of New York City.
She fights her way toward the burning twin towers.
She has to get to work.
Her husband will kill her if she blows this job.
Fear crawls up her spine as she is pushed farther from the destruction.
She has no cell service.
The towers collapse.
She is supposed to be inside.
She. Is. Supposed. To. Be. Inside…
No one knows she’s not at work…
Now is her chance to escape.
He can never hurt her again.
She is dead.

He’s sworn off women.
All they care about is spending his money and running his life.
Besides, opening his own law firm out of his home is keeping him busy.
Hiring a cleaning lady is a necessity.
However, he's unprepared for the timid woman who shows up at his door.
She tugs at his heart.
She’s not like anyone else he’s dated.
She doesn’t care about his money.
But, she has secrets.
So many skeletons.
Her past is chasing her.
Her demons are in the way.
She won’t let him help.
She’s worth the effort though.
He just needs to be patient.

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