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Jessie Belle vs Aida Marie Redneck vs Yankee Rematch

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(Women’s Singles Match, Grudge Match, Big vs Little, No Referee)

Two women from completely different cuts of the cloth square off in an intense rematch of a battle held many years ago elsewhere in “Redneck vs Yankee Rematch”, as the tall southern redhead Jessie Belle faces off with the short northern grappler Aida Marie. Jessie had beaten her when they went at it previously, although conveniently, Aida doesn’t really recall it. However, that was then and this is now! Can Jessie defeat Aida again? Or is Aida able to even the score?

Solid encounter between two women who have much to prove to the other!


Back Elbows, Clotheslines (Corner Clothesline, Regular Clothesline & Short Arm Clothesline), Dragon Sleeper, Drop Toe Hold, Eye Poking, Front Facelock, Front Bodyscissor, Forearm, Hair Attacks (Hairpulling, Hair Choke & Hair Throw). Hammerlocks, Irish Whip, Jawbreaker, Kneeing, Leg Nelson, Modified Camel Clutch, Kicking (Shoot Kicking & Toe Kicking), Rocking Chair Stretches, Rolling Alligator Whipping, Running Double Stomp, Side Headlock, Snapmare Takeover, Spanking, Waistlock, Wristlocks

(Shot in 4K)
You will get a MP4 (627MB) file
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