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Broadway Bound - Books 1, 2 & 3

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When Nick Rialto, a young, handsome, up-and-coming Broadway star suddenly finds his Tony-nominated play cancelled, he retreats to his family’s home in the mountains of Western Pennsylvania to lick his wounds.  He’s sure that his New York agent will soon find him the “next big thing” and his life will be back on course in no time.

Then he happens to meet the local, small-town ballet teacher. Gigi Lloyd is beautiful, graceful, and a force to be reckoned with. Nick is so taken with her that he volunteers for a minor role in her Christmas production of The Nutcracker, even though he feels overqualified. It’s a chance to be around her and keep his theater skills honed, at least until the holiday season arrives.

But soon, the romantic sparks start to fly. They both fight their feelings—it’s crystal clear that their views, values and ambitions are worlds apart. Gigi has been burned in the past, and she doesn’t care for the highly ambitious Nick, with his seemingly shallow, big city values. And Nick can’t imagine frittering his life away in a small town, far from the glamorous allure of Broadway and cafe society.

Since neither of them is ready to compromise, it seems that their relationship has no future. Or will their love outweigh their differences? 

If you enjoy reading about the behind-the-scenes exploits in the entertainment business, particularly in musical theater and dance, you’ll love this fun, colorfully-written, holiday novel.
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