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Want to help someone else get a pattern, even if they don't have room in the budget for small indulgences at the moment? This is how you can do that!

Just decide how much you'd like to donate and check out.

When each new pattern comes out, I’ll see how many community supported copies have been donated since the previous pattern came out, add those to the patterns I can give away myself, and set up a code that will allow for that many free downloads of the new pattern. I’ll include information about those codes and how to use them in the email that goes out to mailing list subscribers when new patterns come out.

Just to be super clear (because shared expectations are the key to avoiding hurt feelings), you're totally not getting anything for yourself by doing this! This listing is a way for you to contribute funds towards providing patterns to folks who want them but can't afford them. You're pretty much just doing it for the warm fuzzy feelings. But sometimes...sometimes warm fuzzy feelings are exactly what you need!

You will get a JPG (747KB) file