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The EFL Magazine Entrepreneur Conference

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The Conference

The EFL Magazine Entrepreneur Conference is for business owners, entrepreneurs and freelancers in ELT and education.

Whether you're an established or budding entrepreneur our line-up of guests will give you the confidence and skills you need to make the breakthrough to security and prosperity.

Time and time again and year after year teachers complain of being underpaid and undervalued. Perhaps you've started your own business and have found difficulty getting traction and breaking through a funk.

The presentations and speakers have been carefully selected to give a mix of established entrepreneurs who've come from where you are now to great success, and coaches who can give you the tools to get you to the top.

Our Speakers

Get More Leads through LinkedIn.

— Rob Lally, Rob Lally Consulting

How to Create a Profitable & Sustainable Week

— Rachel Baker, Merciful Mornings

How to Attract Premium Clients/Students

— Leah Sparrow, Effortlessly Booked

How to Build a Scalable ESL Business Using a Podcast and Content Marketing

— Lindsay McMahon, All Ears English

Making the Numbers Work: Taking a Small Business From 0 to Profitable

— Nick Jaworski, Circle Social

How to Run an International Organisation.

— Gina Dooley, Express Publishing

How to Run an International Organisation

— Jenny Dooley, Express Publishing

Traditional Coaching - Can it Get Results You Want?

— Mark Wild, Focus Point

The Keys to Building a Successful ELT Business.

— Dean Rogers, Dean Morgan K.K.

What you get

Recordings from the two-day conference

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EFL Entrepreneur Conference Recordings