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Dark Mage Rises audiobook

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Narrated by J.J. Green

A mage clan torn apart

Carina Lin escaped from captivity and freed her brothers and sisters, but she's been recaptured. Her jailers are the last people she wants to meet: the Dirksens. Carina defied this proud, vindictive family and they haven't forgotten.

She must break out before the Dirksens realize who and what she is.

Meanwhile, her siblings have been separated, and a galactic war rages. Dark magic is stirring and about to join the conflict.

Carina must reunite her family and defeat the Dark Mage or return to a life of enslavement.

Dark Mage Rises is book two in the dark, exciting space fantasy, Star Mage Saga.
You will get a TXT (556B) file
You will get a TXT (556B) file

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