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The 5 R's of Tadabbur al-Qur'an: A Family Halaqah Guide

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The 5 R's of Tadabbur al-Qur'an is an e-booklet prepared by Umm Afraz Muhammed designed to get closer to Allah by pondering over the Qur'an. It deals with the whys, whens, and hows of reflecting upon the Qur'an, and is geared towards guiding the readers to turn Tadabbur al-Qur'an into a family halaqah activity.

Here is what some readers say about the e-booklet:
  • The Family Halaqah Guide written by you is a meaningful book - a short and sweet way on how to reflect upon Qur'an which you had described in your own way. Anything which brings me closer to Allah, would definitely be dear to me. - Ayesha Sameen, B.Pharm, Hyderabad, India

  • MashaAllah I just love this book! The Family Halaqah Guide is an easy to read and implement book! It's well written and in simple and understandable language, summarized and put together in such a way that it's tempting to get started right away! Even the design and layout is complementing and apt for the book! Hoping to put this idea to use right away InshaAllah! - Ummu Hayaa, Primary School Teacher, Creative Artist, Sri Lanka
  • ‎سبحان الله‎
    Such a wonderful initiative by my dear friend Umm Afraz who has nailed it.
    It’s tailor made to suit our spiritual and leisurely needs. 
    It’s a short, concise and easy to understand step-by-step guide to get the young ones as well the elders in the family to participate in an ideal Islamic activity. - Iffat Abdullah Shariff, Islamic Counselor, India

  • I found this booklet to be one of its kind. Masha Allah, it provided a simple yet structured way of approaching the Tadabbur of (i.e. pondering upon) the Qur'an. I think the whole concept of "family time" being incorporated with growing our love for the Qur'an and the strengthening of our connection with Allah is what won me over. - Umm Marwan Ibrahim, Homemaker, Freelance Writer/Editor, Counselor, United Arab Emirates

  • Alhamdulillah it's useful..mainly because it gives an idea which not only helps reflect upon Quran but making it a family activity (learning Quran + family time) double benefit. The idea itself is unique for it does not talk about simply learning Quran but to ponder upon it. The results from a child to an adult would be amazing. - Nourin Ibrahim, Writer + home maker, Abu Dhabi

  • A beautifully designed booklet which covers the hows, whens and whys towards pondering over the Qur'ān. The five R's of Taddabur makes pondering over the Qur'an practical and easy for beginners. A must read! - Sahlah Nayyar, Writer and Counselor, India

  • Wise words poured on to paper. Very interesting, and right before Ramadan - A special Ramadan gift from my dear friend.
    This booket inspired me to take up "tadabbur sessions" with my little buds. The 5 R's are clear and easy to follow and simplifies this process.
    Such an amazing mommy-child bonding activity! - Nawal Kazi, Mother, Student, Blogger, Indian in Dubai

  • This book was very useful for me Alhamdulillah. I am glad that I got a chance to read it.
    The 5 R's were themselves unique according to me (especially the summarised version in the end). Moreover it gave a concise and clear picture of how the tadabbur al Quran Halaqah can be done at home. - Shaher Ban, Psychology Student/Guidance Counselor, India


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