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The Dating Toolkit

This is a quick and easy to read, 135 page dating guide

Within this guide is dating information, advice, uplifting quotes and questions, to give you essential dating tools to help you to know your worth, date wisely and find love with a good man. It will help also help you to avoid the painful timewasters and heartbreakers along the way.



1 - The start of your dating journey

2 - Your dating blueprint 

3 - Identify your ideal man

4 - How to be a successful dater

5 - Understanding men

6 - Painful mistakes women make when dating 

7 - Sex & dating 

8 - How to overcome rejection 

9 - Things to remember when dating 

10 - Dating actions 


It includes:

* Tips on how to become a better dater
* Your dating blueprint and how it affects your dating results
* How to change your dating blueprint so that you become a successful dater
* Examples of healthy and successful dating beliefs and blueprints
* The essential dating skills you need to date wisely
* How to identify your dating plan and your ideal man
* The essential dating tools you need to find the right man for you
* Dating truths every dater needs to accept
* The four basic standards every woman should have
* Healthy dating goals and unhealthy dating goals
* The traffic light mindset and how it can help you to date successfully
* The dating colander and how it can help you to choose who to date
* Techniques to help you make good dating decisions
* The way to assess a man objectively
* Male psychology - The ways that men view women and dating
* The three subconscious dating patterns
* What men are attracted to
* Signs a man genuinely likes you
* Men to avoid and key red flags you don't want to miss
* How to avoid being ghosted, breadcrumbed and benched
* The painful mistakes that women make that hurt and disappoint them
* The 15 most unsuccessful female daters
* How to decide when to sleep with a man
* The sex test & how to pass it
* Things to remember when you are rejected
* The two confusing interactions to avoid
* Tips on how to avoid getting hurt when dating
* The 7 steps to dating success

* Plus many empowering dating quotes to help you to love yourself enough to make good dating decisions!

* Please note:

1) You will receive a pdf file

2) This file is not to be emailed to anyone else for the purpose of giving it to them or sharing it with them. In order to own a file it must be purchased.

* Disclaimer - Results from using the product will vary due to individual situations and results cannot be guaranteed. Customers use the product at their own risk

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