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Summary, Update, and Expansion: Life Itself by Francis Crick

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I selected Francis Crick’s Life Itself to update, summarize, and expand because he promoted the idea that DNA did not first evolve on Earth. If true, DNA’s alien origin would be one of the most important realizations in all Human history. Life, according to Crick, began somewhere else where conditions were more favorable and, with the help of advanced intelligence, seeded Earth through panspermic, “seeds everywhere,” events. This has been labeled as the “seeded hypothesis.”

If DNA originated elsewhere, it reflects not only upon our beginnings as a form of “alien” or “alien hybrid” but also our future, which may include merging with one or more advanced civilizations. We may, indeed, one day, meet our “makers,” or at least some of their descendants.

This ebook summarizes Crick’s work which previously could only be found, to the best of my knowledge, in printed form, adds the evidence of signatures and hidden mathematical and pictorial codes from DNA for his theory, offers general updates on cosmological data that Crick did not have at his disposal, addresses the subject of the surprising Last Universal Common Ancestor for life, and briefly explores our government’s about-face on the subject of Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon (UAP) and bizarre materials found at their landings which they admit having and examining.
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