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VeeSim Software V4.0 + FREE LICENSE + 6-9 Zones

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VeeSim Software V4.0 FREE LICENSE - 6-9 Zones is a FREE VERSION of VeeSim that has designed to objectively evaluate your chief warden staff performance.

Starting VeeSim will immediately start a simulation of 6 - 9 levels with one WIP active. Staff can then manage the evacuation, answering all floor warden questions, recording all staff with a disability counts and using the Zone Manned and Evac buttons to record floor evacuation status.

If the evacuation simulation is performed without any errors the simulator will show a status code and by screen printing this code and sending it to you will receive a FREE SIX MONTH LICENSE to use a FULLY FUNCTIONING version of VeeSim.

NOTE: VeeSim Simulation configuration cannot be changed. All variables are fixed. To access all VeeSim configuration details a full license is required.


You will get a EXE (142MB) file
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