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Supreme Self Confidence Mind Movie

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Watch the demo here: Supreme Self Confidence Demo (Bitchute)

Alternative download link: Supreme Self Confidence Mind Movie (Sellfy)

Become the person you've always wanted to be! Improve your self-confidence and overcome shyness!

This session contains binaural beats and subliminal messages (positive hidden affirmations). 

The subliminal messages are phrased in a positive way to increase your self confidence. You will not be able to hear them, but your subconscious mind will absorb them and act in consequence.

Many people struggle with the question of how to be confident. In order to feel a high level of confidence, it’s necessary to value yourself as a human being, develop this inner feeling of self-worth, and appreciate who you are. Self-confidence is the executor of your inner feeling (self-esteem). When you validate your existence, truly feel that you are deserving and equal to others, and love your being, you will show it and behave in a way that matches it (confidence).

Your sense of self is not set in stone but is in fact malleable and subject to the influence of your environment. It's interesting to note that behavior modification has an effect on the actual physical structure of your brain, so when adopting a new mindset, your brain will over time alter itself to reflect a newly learned habit. New habits typically take 30 days to take root depending on what you're trying to achieve, and this may vary depending on the levels of resistance built up over time. 

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