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Glass & Metal: Sample Pack

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Glass & Metal is a little home project to make experimental sounds with metallic and glass objects. It includes 32 completely original samples of hits, phrases, coins shuffling, wine glass playing, knife sharpening and more!

๐Ÿ”‰32 hand-crafted samples (13 glass and 19 metallic)
๐Ÿ”Š 24-bit WAV files
๐Ÿ”ชHits, stings, shakes, flings
๐ŸทIncludes singing wine glass samples (musical glasses)

Glass samples

  • Glass on Glass Hit 1.wav
  • Glass on Glass Hits.wav
  • Singing Wine Glass 1.wav
  • Singing Wine Glass 2.wav
  • Singing Wine Glass Chord 1.wav
  • Tool against glass jar Hit 1.wav
  • Tool against glass jar Hit 2.wav
  • Tool against glass jar Hit 3.wav
  • Tool against glass jar Hit 4.wav
  • Tool against glass jar Phrase 1.wav
  • Tool against glass jar Phrase 2.wav
  • Tool against glass jar Random Hits.wav
  • Tool against glass jar Slowing down 1.wav

Metal samples
  • Coins in newspaper Hits 1.wav
  • Coins in newspaper Hit 1.wav
  • Coins in newspaper Shake 120bpm.wav
  • Coins in newspaper Shake Alt 120bpm.wav
  • Coins in newspaper Shuffle 1.wav
  • Coins in newspaper Shuffle 2.wav
  • Hitting metal center mic.wav
  • Hitting metal side mic.wav
  • Knife and scissors Fling 1.wav
  • Knife and scissors Fling 2.wav
  • Knife and scissors hit.wav
  • Knife and scissors long .wav
  • Metal fast scratch 1.wav
  • Metal fast stroke 1.wav
  • Metal tool scrach soft 2.wav
  • Soft Drink Metal Can Hits.wav
  • Spinning creaking rusty metal.wav
  • Tool sharpening phrase.wav
  • Tool sharpening single.wav
You will get a ZIP (40MB) file