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Digital Planner Canva Template

Easily create digital planners using a pre-made template

Want to design your own digital planner?

Creating a digital planner on your own is an exciting project that allows you to pour all your creativity and inspiration while you make something to sell as passive income.

But making a planner from scratch takes time, which you may not have at the moment. So what can make this quicker for you?

Digital planner template Canva

Introducing my Canva template...

If you'd like to start creating digital planners with different designs and colors, this template will allow you to do exactly that.

When you purchase the template you get a commercial license to create and sell as many digital planners as you want.

It's as simple as changing fonts, colors, sizes and adding the clipart, textures and inner pages you want.

Some examples of digital planners made with the template...

Beautiful Life Planner

Feminine digital planner to organize your daily, weekly, monthly and yearly schedule.

Golden Girl Planner

Elegant golden planner to track your budget and expenses, plan your meals and improve your daily habits.

Plant Decor Planner

Greenish planner to discover the different types of plants that you can have at your house as decoration and learn how to take care of them.

Personalizing the template

In order for you to learn how to turn the template into a personalized digital planner, I recorded four tutorials where I show you how I created the Golden Girl digital planner.

Through the tutorials you'll learn how to edit each aspect of the planner so that you make it YOUR own unique style. Not only you can change the visual aspect but also what each tab says and put your own content in the inner pages.

You can make your planner as long or as short as you want. You can make it all about finances or all about decluttering. You can include daily pages or just quarterly pages. It's all up to you!

Digital planner template Canva
Digital planner template Canva

Wait! planners are not your thing?

Then you can use this template to design digital notebooks like the one down below! You can create a notebook with lines, dots, blank grid or only in white. You can design notebooks for highschool students, for teachers, for writers, language learners, etc.

digital planner template on Canva

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About me

Hey there! I'm Sofía, the founder of The Creative Purpose. In this page you can find the courses and digital products I create to help you have your own passive income business.

I love designing printable and digital planners, creating tutorials, recording masterclasses and podcast episodes. You can head to my website to read more about that.

In the personal field, I enjoy watching Korean vlogs, listening to musicals playlists, reading, playing Resident Evil video games and writing my own stories.