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Imagine a soft, quiet night, with stars shimmering in the sky and a gentle breeze revealing a full, round moon. Imagine a pair of mysterious women, leading their lives far away from the ordinary mortals, holding so much knowledge, so much power. Imagine all the things they do while the world is asleep, while the moon is shining, imagine all the magical stitches they knit by the pale blue light...

Moonlit Stitches is a collection of two sock patterns inspired by the magic of making and infused with the powers of knitting: they feature mindless yet original textures, enabling you to create your very own pair of magical socks!

Included patterns:

The Enchantress - the fumes of her enchantments knit into an allover lace pattern
2.5mm needles - 1 skein of fingering-weight yarn - 3 sizes: S (56sts) - M (64sts) - L (72sts)

The Sorceress - the bubbles and wisps of smoke of her potions knit into a constrast-colour texture
2.5mm needles - 1 skein of fingering-weight yarn & 25 meters of contrast colour - 3 sizes: S (56sts) - M (64sts) - L (72sts)
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