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The Avant Champion Complete Series

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Every millennia, an Avant Champion must contain an ancient and powerfully magical evil. But Abigail’s quests don’t stop there. Follow her as she battles scheming giants, a deadly plague, an invading army, and a diabolical wizard on journeys of love, loss, and self-discovery. If you like heroes’ quests with magic and sword-clashing mayhem mixed with a touch of humor and romance, this is the series for you.


The Avant Champion ~Rising~

The Avant Champion ~Honor~

Malakai (prequel novelette)

The Avant Champion ~Ashes~

Brother’s Bond (interim novelette)

The Avant Champion ~Conquest~

Isabel (prequel novelette)

The Avant Champion ~Redeem~

In a world teetering on the brink of darkness, where magic and steel intertwine, a formidable champion emerges, ready to battle the forces of evil. In the enthralling fantasy adventure series "The Avant Champion," embark on a thrilling journey where love and courage collide.

Young and determined Abigail, gifted with extraordinary powers, discovers her destiny as the last hope for a crumbling world. With a heart of fire and a blade of lightning, she sets out to confront the malevolent forces that threaten to plunge her land into eternal despair.

But Abigail’s path is not one she walks alone. Alongside her stands a courageous band of allies—a strong and benevolent healer, a standoffish Captain of the Guard, and a valiant ghost seeking redemption. Together, they face treacherous landscapes, mythical creatures, and nefarious enemies, all while unraveling a web of dark sorcery that spans generations.

As Abigail delves deeper into her own powers, she discovers a bond that transcends mere friendship. In the midst of peril and chaos, an unexpected romance blooms—one that tests loyalties, kindles passion, and fuels the fire within her. Yet, as love intertwines with her perilous quest, Abigail must navigate the delicate balance between duty and desire.

From breathtaking duels to spellbinding encounters, "The Avant Champion" weaves a tapestry of epic battles, intricate magic systems, and palpable romance. Will Abigail conquer the shadows that threaten to consume her world, or will darkness triumph over light?

Join Abigail and her companions as they traverse enchanted realms, encounter mythical creatures, and unravel the secrets of their own hearts. This enthralling series will transport you into a world where destiny unfolds, love defies all odds, and heroes rise to embrace their true power.

Praise for The Avant Champion:


2017 EVVY Award-winner in fantasy genre

I loved this great classic style fantasy, action, adventure, a bit of romance, great characters. A thoroughly enjoyable read …" -- Tara K (NetGalley Reviewer 2019, Five Stars)

"With active scenes, sympathetic characters, and hooks throughout the story, you can count on being rooted to one spot until the last word is read." --Judge, 25th Annual Writer’s Digest Self-Published Book Awards

“ ... a solid fantasy from Samet."  --Readers' Favorite Reviewer (2018)


The author wields a fantastical tale around the heroine that is both engaging and riveting” —Amazon Reviewer

I like this storyline filled with action-packed scenes and challenges with quite a bit of suspense and tender moments as the story begins to unfurl with a twist that grips the reader.” --Booksprout Reviewer (five stars)

Definitely a page-turner.... Samet has created quite an abstract, yet easy to visualize because of her illustrative writing, new magical world that also seems so real.... The plot is intriguing and well-organized, with the perfect ending that left me wanting more.” — Amazon Reviewer


I was blown away, as always. Although epic fantasy, I could relate to the main character in a way that I usually can’t. A mother, a hero, a teacher; she is more than anyone person can handle gracefully and yet she rises above everything. Even at the cost of her own happiness. Exciting, intriguing, heartbreaking. The best in the series so far. I only hope there is more yet to come!” —Author H.M. Gooden


“Riveting story that sees the Avant champion accompany the queen, and efforts to save the kingdom that echo in unexpected ways.” —Booksprout Reviewer

“Exhilarating ride! When Abigail loses her abilities at the hands of the evil king of Bellos who is intent on subjugating all of Crithos under his thumb, I had no idea how she was going to save the day. But once again, the author has cast her magic and after death-defying turns at every corner, this book delivers a most satisfying ending.”—Author H.M. Gooden


“This is full of magic, suspense, and a story that will make you unable to put the book down. I was sucked in and fell in love with the characters and the story!” —Bookbub Reviewer

“It is a wonderfully well-defined fantasy book in which magical creatures and Che stones lead the way. I found Abigail to have a warm and honest character that readers have to love.” —Booksprout Reviewer

“A wonderful fantasy adventure…. well written and makes you feel as if you are there! …. This story has twists and turns as the journey goes and the characters will pull you in! This book is a great adventure!” —Bookbub Reviewer

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