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'My Self-Love Story: A Guided Journal' PDF Download, 8x11" Interactive Journal/Printable

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"My Self-Love Story: A Guided Journal" is a new interactive journal intended specifically for women who are in search of a way to guide themselves back into alignment with themselves. This workbook includes 100 pages of writing prompts, reflection points, personal stories and insights, and places to store the things that inspire you to be you.

Based on the premise that self-care leads to an increase in self-love, and based on the idea that the more love we have within ourselves, the more we then have to give outward, this printable self-care workbook is specifically intended to be used as an addition to your self-care practice.

If you are interested journal writing as a therapeutic and calming activity, and if you are a woman in search of greater alignment, this is the workbook for you.


"We are social beings. We are meant to exist within a world of others, and we gain great benefit from contributing to this world (to our society) in a positive way. When we give love, we receive love. Yet, we can’t give love unless we have love to give. We can’t give from an empty cup.

Until our personal cups are filled, we may feel resentment, contempt, fear, and lack. It is once our personal cups are filled that we can turn the tides outward. Love begets love, so as our cups begin to flow over, it’s the overflow that we share with the world. As long as our cup remains full, the overflow will keep on flowing.

So, it all begins at home. The first step to being a service-minded contributor in society is to make sure we have love to share. That is our job. Our cup, our responsibility. It stands,therefore, that loving ourselves first is not a selfish act, but a necessary one."

*NOTE: This is a PDF version of the original print copy (which includes 100 prompt pages and 100 writing pages). This PDF digital download includes 10 sheets of lined pages to use for your writing prompts and personal thoughts. These pages can be reprinted as often as required.



Arrives as a pdf file. You can print the file from home if you are able, or take the file to your local print shop (i.e Staples, etc). Note that THIS IS A DIGITAL FILE ONLY, therefore the paper type and ink you use will affect the finished profuct.

This workbook is sized to be printed on 8.5" x 11" paper.


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