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Moon Magic Membership

Grow your witchcraft practice, join a supportive coven, and manifest a life you love with guidance from the moon.

Are you ready to make magic with the moon?

A solitary practice can be beautiful, but having a community to support you transforms your magical journey. When you join the Moon Magic Membership at any level, you’ll be added to an exclusive Facebook group so that you can connect with your coven and reach out whenever you need support, have questions, or just want to share that funny witchy meme none of your work colleagues would understand.

You’ll also automatically receive resources to help you connect with every new and full moon. Depending on your level of membership, you can continue to work through these on your own time or join with some of your fellow coven members on Zoom to share your progress and receive encouragement and gentle accountability for your spiritual progress.

Plus you’ll have access to a variety of resources and events to help you deepen your practice and explore new facets of the craft. If you’ve been looking for a way to bring your magick into more prominent focus, the Moon Magic Membership is just what you need.

Here's what you'll get

New moon members receive:

  • New moon and full moon journal prompts
  • New moon and full moon meditations
  • New moon and full moon tarot guidance
  • Exclusive facebook group
  • Monthly spell or ritual
  • Collective 3-card month ahead reading live on Facebook
  • Early access & 13% off online workshops

Quarter moon members receive:

  • Everything from the previous tier
  • Access to witchcraft resource library with updates monthly
  • First & last quarter moon journal prompts
  • Personalized 3-card month ahead tarot readings by video
  • Free access to monthly online workshop

Full moon members receive:

  • New moon and full moon group coaching circles on Zoom
  • Exclusive WhatsApp group
  • Access to library of past online courses
  • 3-card month ahead tarot reading via Zoom

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