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U & G Spot Squirting 101 Quick Guide

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My mission is help people to improve their sex lives,whether solo or partnered, by allowing them to invest into their sex education without beaking the bank. Though this Squirting guide is just the tip of the iceburg of my Amrita; Sacred Waters Unleased 4 week course. I thought that I would offer those who just need a Frost Byte before investing in the whole program and personal Sexploration. 

Most of you come to me wanting to get to the place where sex comes natrually for you, and for you to feel totally comfortable in your skin in and out of the bedroom. My deepest  purpose is to help those who seek my Guidance to reconnect to both their Sexuality and Sensuality on a full embodiment and expressive spectrum with a new sense of confidence. 

I have brought you some great information on both the U-Spot and G-Spot stimulation to acheive a Squirting Orgasm. 

This Inforgraph is for Women whether their partner(s) are phallic owners or vulva owners.
You will get a PDF (543KB) file
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