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Staying Power: Writings from a Pandemic Year

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Rebuild your resilience after the pandemic and prepare for a new normal!

Life can be tough, even in the best of times. But life in a pandemic requires a special sort of staying power. Imagine yourself doing what must be done without giving up, despite how difficult your circumstances or how tired you get. Imagine yourself holding fast to your center.
More than mere stamina, staying power involves exceptional commitment and trust, even a kind of faith. It’s as much about the spirit as the body. We build it by …
  • nurturing gratitude
  • increasing resilience.
  • practicing patience
  • developing empathy and compassion
  • appreciating the beauty of what’s true
  • keeping faith with ourselves and others
Multi-genre author Phyllis Cole-Dai draws on the power of wit, insight, storytelling, and emotional intelligence to help you build your resilience. Her weekly Staying Power newsletter has supported a throng of readers throughout the COVID-19 outbreak.

Now she offers this inspiring collection of soulful musings and poetry to companion you through the remaining pandemic and into the uncharted territory of the “new normal.”

Read to remind yourself how resilient you are.
Read to remember that your spirit is bigger than your anxieties and worries, your wounds and losses.
Read to remember you’re not alone.

Get your copy today and boost your staying power!

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