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Multiplication Color By The Number

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Pages 1-12: The student will solve all multiplication problems to color the pictures.
Page 13: The student will be presented with multiplication problems that have been answered. They will check to see which ones have been answered correctly and color it to answer the riddle.
Page 14: The students will multiply and solve each problem to find their way through the maze to reveal the answer to the riddle.
Page 15: Student will solve the multiplication problem to light up the bulb. (No one was hurt during this practice ;)
Page 16: Help the llama get to the hay bale by multiplying.
Page 17: Multiply to help the penguin get to his friends.
Pages 18 & 19: The student makes multiplication sentences.
Page 20: Multiplication wheels. The student multiplies the numbers by the middle number.
Page 21: Cut and paste your answer in the correct spot to answer each multiplication problem.
Pages 22 & 23: Multiplication cut and sort.
Pages 24-27: Multiplication flashcards for practice or for those who tend to finish early their work, they may practice while their colleagues finish up.

Hope you & yours enjoy!

Total 28 pages.
You will get a PDF (761KB) file

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