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Homophones Worksheets Posters and Writing Practice

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This pack includes worksheets, posters and writing practice that will enhance student knowledge in word meaning, word usage, and spelling.

six homophone worksheets
eleven writing with homophone practice pages
forty posters which include two homophone words in each
answer key

These are all posters you can print and use every week in order for the students to learn a new pair of homophones. Students will review all the homophones on the posters with the writing practice and worksheets included.

Included homophones:
-Pour, Poor
-Eight, Ate
-Missed, Mist
-Berry, Very
-Bored, Board
-Eye, I
-Sew, So
-Ant, Aunt
-Male, Mail
-Forth, Fourth
-Son, Sun
-Stairs, Stares
-Way, Weigh
-Feet, Feat
-Knight, Night
-Hair, Hare
-Hare, Hair
-Wear, Where
-Herd, Heard
-Close, Clothes
-Through, Threw
-Role, Roll
-Flower, Flour
-Towed, Toad
-Hear, Here
-Ceiling, Sealing
-Chews, Choose
-Buy, By
-Brews, Bruise
-One, Won
-Brake, Break
-Bin, Been
-Sea, See
-No, Know
-Read, Red
-Be, Bee
-Your, You're
-Too, to
-Dear, Deer
-Their, There
-Our, Hour
-Blew, Blue
-Their, There

Have fun!

Total 68 pages.
You will get a PDF (2MB) file

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